Fall 2015 Course Schedule

The 1918 Flu Epidemic [F-15-1]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group A) [F-15-2]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group B) [F-15-3]

Angikuni Lake, Northwest Territories: Cultural and Geological Significance [F-15-4]
Course Closed

Anime: The Art of Hayao Miyazaki [F-15-5]

Art Workshop [F-15-6]

Ascidians: Are They Taking Over the World? [F-15-7]

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners [F-15-8]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-15-9]

Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [F-15-10]

Cell Therapies for Parkinson's Disease [F-15-11]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-15-12]

Corporate Crime and Investor Response [F-15-13]

Cryptography through the Ages [F-15-14]

Cultural Traditions of Ukraine [F-15-15]

Current Events [F-15-16]

Digital Photography for Beginners [F-15-17]
Course Closed

Edgar Cayce Exercises [F-15-18]

Euridice by Sarah Ruhl: Read, See, Review [F-15-19]

Figure Skating Scoring [F-15-20]

The Films of Robin Williams [F-15-21]
Course Closed

Former Presidents as Elder Statesmen in Global Affairs [F-15-22]

Gentle Chair Yoga [F-15-23]
Course Closed

GIS, GPS, and Geocaching [F-15-24]

The Great Apes [F-15-25]
Course Closed

History of Impressionism: The Early Years [F-15-26]
Course Closed

How We are Taxing our Grandchildren [F-15-27]

Knitting Pinwheel Snowflake Ornaments (Canton) [F-15-28]

Knitting Pinwheel Snowflake Ornaments (Potsdam) [F-15-29]
Course Closed

The Last Czar of Russia [F-15-30]
Course Closed

Line Dancing for Beginners [F-15-31]

Mah Jongg [F-15-32]

Medical Anthropology [F-15-33]

The Mediterranean Area: A Journey through Its History [F-15-34]

Memoir Writing: Finding Your Voice [F-15-35]
Course Closed

Minerals of NY State [F-15-36]
Course Closed

My Life as Medium [F-15-37]

Mystery and Detection in Poe's Tales [F-15-38]

New Technologies for Treatment of Drinking and Wastewater [F-15-39]

North Country Raptors [F-15-40]
Course Closed

Practicing Your French [F-15-41]

Quaking Bogs: Life at the Extremes [F-15-42]
Course Closed

Seeing in Three Dimensions: Stereographs to 3D Illusions [F-15-43]

Sharing Card Games [F-15-44]

Step into the 4th Dimension [F-15-45]

Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century [F-15-46]

Swimming: Beginners and Pre-Beginners [F-15-47]

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [F-15-48]

Thinking of Going Solar? [F-15-49]

Travels through China [F-15-50]

Tunes-R-Us [F-15-51]

Universalists and Their Influence in Northern NY [F-15-52]

User Friendly Mindful Meditation [F-15-53]

Vicarious Voyagers XVII [F-15-54]

Visualizing Nanoscopic Worlds [F-15-55]

What's "Early" about Early Music? [F-15-56]

Wildlife Physiology and Ecology in Winter [F-15-57]

Will Eisner's The Spirit: Weekend Crime Fighter [F-15-58]

You've Written a Book. Now What? [F-15-59]


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