Euridice by Sarah Ruhl: Read, See, Review [F-15-19]

Presenter:Kimberley Bouchard
Location: SUNY Potsdam: Maxcy 104
Additional Locations:SUNY: Performing Arts Center
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 1:00 PM 10/16, 10/23
Status: CLOSED

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Participants are asked to read, see, and review the play Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl that is being produced by the SUNY Potsdam Department of Theatre and Dance. The play is a theatrical representation of the Orpheus myth with most of the dramatic story focused on Orpheus’ wife, Eurydice, and her descent into and life in the Underworld. We will discuss the written script at the first session. In addition to critically reading and analyzing the script, SOAR participants are asked to attend the play at SUNY Potsdam’s new Performing Arts Center. Then we meet again in a classroom session to discuss and review the production.

QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER (from KB on 10/14/15):
1) How did you react to the structure of the storytelling?
2) What questions arose as you read the play?
3) What makes you curious to see the production?

LINKS (from KB on 10/14/15): - This is a "New York Times" review by Charles Isherwood for the NYC production. Interesting because Isherwood addresses her style of writing and what distinguishes her as a playwright. - You can find a brief explanation on Wikipedia about "Eurydice" and the mythic roots of Ruhl's play.  - Link to Wikipedia's brief entry on Ruhl's play "Eurydice"

Read Eurydice ahead of time and come to the first classroom session ready to discuss the play. Three copies of the script are “on reserve” at the Crumb Library, SUNY Potsdam (for 2 days only check out). The best way to find it is to search "Course Reserves" under Instructor: "Bouchard, Kimberley." If you go to the Circulation Desk you can ask for it under the name Bouchard.  You can purchase an acting edition of the script for $9.95 from  NOTE: This website also has reviews and recorded interviews with Sarah Ruhl and some of the actors from various productions of the play.
2) Purchase a ticket ($8/senior rate) and attend the play before the last class session. Box Office Hours at the Performing Arts Center (PAC): M-F 12:30-4:30pm and 1 hour prior to performances on event nights, excluding legal holidays. Box Office Phone: 267-2277; note: you can also purchase a ticket at this website:  (note: there is a $3 fee to book your ticket online)
3) Be prepared to share your review of the play in the second class session.

Kimberley Bouchard, is an Associate Professor of Theatre at SUNY Potsdam. She has directed and performed in more than 75 theatre productions over 35 years working as an actor, director and producer in the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain and Great Britain. Kim is a big fan of the American playwright Sarah Ruhl who creates plays that engage audiences and push the boundaries of traditional theatrical storytelling.

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