Spring 2021 Course Schedule

Introduction to Zoom 1 - One on One [S-21-1]

Introduction to Zoom 2 - Small Group [S-21-2]
Course Closed

An Alaskan Indigenous Village on the Frontlines of Climate Change [S-21-3]

Animal Metamorphosis: a Larval to Juvenile Transition [S-21-4]

Assessing Indoor Air Quality and Exposure in Occupied Microenvironments during an Airborne Viral Pandemic [S-21-5]

Battery energy storage for New York Municipal Electric Departments [S-21-6]

Chronic Pain Self-Management 101 [S-21-7]
Course Closed

Close Encounters Among Eco-Justice Campaigners & in Neolithic Sacred Landscapes Across Ireland [S-21-8]
Course Closed

Faith and Reason in the 21st Century [S-21-9]

Golden State Killer and Genetic Genealogy [S-21-10]

History of Ocean Exploration [S-21-11]

How Can Math Be Used to Understand Cancer Growth and Spreading, and How Can it Be Used to Define/Refine Treatment Protocols? [S-21-12]

The Intersectional Activism of Rosa Luxemburg as a Resource for Today [S-21-13]

Introduction to Mesopotamian Mathematics [S-21-14]

Invasive plant research in the North Country [S-21-15]

The Life and Work of Maurice Kenny [S-21-16]

Overview of Substance Use Disorder [S-21-17]

Quakerism: An Overview [S-21-18]
Course Closed

Racism and Sexism in Comics/Jews in Comics [S-21-19]

Small Wind Turbines: The Basics to the Latest [S-21-20]

World of Robots and Artificial Intelligence [S-21-21]

Young Adult (YA) Literature for Old(er) Adults [S-21-22]

Introduction to Zoom 2 - Small Group (repeat of #2) [S-21-23]

Close Encounters Among EcoJustice Campaigners & in Neolithic Sacred Landscapes Across Ireland (repeat of #8) [S-21-24]


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