Animal Metamorphosis: a Larval to Juvenile Transition [S-21-4]

Presenter: Alex Schreiber
Location: Zoom
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Mon 2:00 PM 04/05

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How does a tadpole transform into a frog? A larval fish into its adult form? A maggot into a fly? In this lecture you will learn about the spectacular world of animal metamorphosis and the hormones that mediate it.

Alex is a professor of Biology at St Lawrence University. He specializes in endocrinology and the study of hormones, and works with both animal (frog and fish) and human systems. He is the author of an upcoming university-level textbook called Integrative Endocrinology.

Click here for the recording of the class on 04-05-2021.

Special Instructions: You will be emailed a Zoom invite the day before the class starts. Click on the link in the invite to open your Zoom app.

Cap: 100

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