How Can Math Be Used to Understand Cancer Growth and Spreading, and How Can it Be Used to Define/Refine Treatment Protocols? [S-21-12]

Presenter: Diana White
Location: Zoom
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Tue 10:00 AM 03/09

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Diana White will discuss how mathematics can be used to understand cancer growth, progression, and treatment. She will present some of the types of math that can be used to describe how solid tumors grow, as well as how cancer spreads through vascularization (i.e., how it forms a secondary tumor by connecting to the blood stream). She will also describe some of the mathematical work that had been done, trying to understand how we might define better treatment protocols (to offer more effective treatments in terms of reducing cancer load, all while having the least amount of negative effects on the patient).

Diana White is a mathematical biologist (originally from Newfoundland, Canada), who uses mathematical modeling to understand many different types of biological systems (cellular and ecological). Aside from studying problems related to cancer, she is also interested in studying invasive species growth, spread & control (similar types of math tools can be used!).

Click here for recording of class on 03/09/2021.

Special Instructions: You will be emailed a Zoom invite the day before the class starts. Click on the link in the invite to open your Zoom app.

Cap: 100

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