Faith and Reason in the 21st Century [S-21-9]

Presenter: Bryan Stitt, Peter Mueller
Location: Zoom
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 10:00 AM 02/24

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Many people today believe that faith and reason are incompatible and completely opposed to one another, but through the ages, science has learned from religion and vice versa. The presenters will point out some historical examples of the interaction of science and religion in Western culture, examine the limitations of each, and suggest how important it is for cooperation between the two in the present age.

Click here for recording of class on 2/24/2021.

Fr. Bryan Stitt is a former engineering student who realized that he was missing some of the big picture of life, switched to studying philosophy and theology, and eventually was ordained as a Catholic priest. He is currently the pastor at St. Mary's Church in Canton.

Peter Mueller studied Great Books and theology at the University of Notre Dame and now serves as the Catholic campus minister for St. Lawrence University and SUNY Canton.

Special Instructions: You will be emailed a Zoom invite the day before the class starts. Click on the link in the invite to open your Zoom app.

Cap: 100

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