Spring 2017 Course Schedule

Amphibian Metamorphosis from the Inside and Out [S-17-1]

Appreciating Trees on the SLU Campus [S-17-2]
Course Closed

Art Workshop [S-17-3]

Basic Birdwatching [S-17-4]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-17-5]

Benson Mines & the Opening of the Western Adirondacks [S-17-6]
Course Closed

Beyond Duck and Cover: Fear of Nuclear War [S-17-7]

Biofilms in Our Daily Life [S-17-8]

Breakfast Cooking (Group A) [S-17-9]
Course Closed

Calendars, Not a Dated Topic [S-17-10]

Chemistry for Chemical Overdose Remediation [S-17-11]

Circadian Rhythms and Seasonal Affect Disorder [S-17-12]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-17-13]

Crafting with Little Wild Things [S-17-14]

Current Events [S-17-15]

Dialects of English [S-17-16]

The Dog Story: From Wolves to Beagles [S-17-17]

Drawing [S-17-18]

Duplicate Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [S-17-19]

Early Signs of Spring in the St. Lawrence Valley [S-17-20]
Course Closed

Ecological Flower Gardening [S-17-21]

Even More Favorite Poems (Group A) [S-17-22]

Even More Favorite Poems (Group B) [S-17-23]

Exploring Short Stories [S-17-24]

Fertilizing the Oceans to Save the Planet [S-17-25]
Course Closed

From Minerals to Art [S-17-26]

Gandhi, Chiang Kai-shek: How Leaders Create a National Identity [S-17-27]

God, Genesis and the Human Community [S-17-28]

Graveyards, Coffins, and Burial Customs: Funeral Traditions across Cultures [S-17-29]
Course Closed

He-Said, She-Said Miscommunication [S-17-30]

The History of Bread and Beer [S-17-31]

The Holocaust [S-17-32]

Importance of Emotional Climate in Everyday Living [S-17-33]

Instructional Technology to Enhance Student Learning [S-17-34]

The Joys of Research Beyond One’s Expertise [S-17-35]

Keeping Up with Alice Munro [S-17-36]

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 1) [S-17-37]
Course Closed

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-17-38]

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-17-39]

Living Better with Diabetes [S-17-40]

Localization: GPS and GPS-free Algorithms [S-17-41]

Mah Jongg [S-17-42]

More Good Ol’ Days in Northern New York [S-17-43]

The Musicals and Lyrics of Stephen Sondheim [S-17-44]
Course Closed

Occupational Therapy: Supporting What Matters to You [S-17-45]

Ötzi the Iceman [S-17-46]
Course Closed

Parkinson's Disease: Things you Need to Know [S-17-47]

Past Life Regression [S-17-48]

The Past, Present and Future of Clinical Trials [S-17-49]

Printable Paper as a Functional Device [S-17-50]

Raptors of the North Country [S-17-51]
Course Closed

Researching Your Family History Using Free Online Resources [S-17-52]

Roller Coaster Design [S-17-53]

Speak Knit [S-17-54]
Course Closed

Spring into Fitness [S-17-55]

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [S-17-56]

Those Disappearin’ Railroad Blues [S-17-57]
Course Closed

Topics in the History of Mathematics [S-17-58]

A Tour of Pathological Science [S-17-59]

Tree Water [S-17-60]

Vicarious Voyagers XX [S-17-61]

Waterfalls of Northern New York [S-17-62]

When Americans Invaded Quebec [S-17-63]
Course Closed

Breakfast Cooking (Group B) [S-17-64]
Course Closed


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