Vicarious Voyagers XX [S-17-61]

Presenter:Ruth Kreuzer, Adam Wheeler, Kelly Glascott, Thressa Zimmerman, Daniel Ben-Avraham, Monique Tirion, Juanita Babcock
Location: Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 3:15 PM 04/07, 04/14, 04/21, 04/28
Status: CLOSED

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Voyage vicariously to exotic places with our world-traveling presenters via their slide shows. “Super SOARer” and honoree for her “Outstanding Contributions to SOAR,” Ruth Kreuzer (Coordinator) is herself an avid world traveler and photographer. These adventures await you, in this order:

Day 1: Adam Wheeler and Kelly Glascott – “High Adventure in Alaska.” Enjoy a vicarious climb up the highest peak in the Wrangells and the 50th most topographically prominent peak in the world. Less than 50 parties have climbed this true wilderness peak that ascends over 7,500 vertical feet. Adam Wheeler has been in the wilderness education field for over 20 years. At SUNY Potsdam, he teaches Wilderness Leadership, Therapeutic Recreation, High Ropes Facilitation and Wilderness Emergency Medicine. Kelly Glascott, a SUNY Potsdam Wilderness Education graduate, is currently a Climbing Guide for St. Elias Guides Alaska, and High Peaks Cyclery, Lake Placid. He will share the highlights of his epic trip from Skolai Pass to the White River where he packrafted to the Alcan Highway in 24.5 hours (and then took just as long to hitchhike home!). Kelly grew up playing in the Adirondack Mountains. He is now an accomplished ice climber who is happy to share his “tips and tricks.”

Day 2) Thressa Zimmerman – “Kenya: A Study Abroad Experience.” Thressa Zimmerman went on the SLU Kenya Semester in the fall of 2015. While her home base was in Karen, a suburb of Nairobi, she also did a homestay in Nyeri, in the central highlands of Kenya, went on safari in Amboseli, learned about fishing and the Luo culture in Kisumu, and lived with the Hadzabe in Yaeda Valley, Tanzania. Thressa also did an independent study – similar to an internship – where she ventured out to Kigali, Rwanda for a month stay of study and volunterism at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Thressa is currently finishing up her senior year at SLU.

Day 3) Daniel ben Avraham and Monique Tirion – “Tour du Mont Blanc.” This couple has been living in the Potsdam vicinity for some years. Whenever possible, they like to hike in the Adirondaks, or anywhere else, when they get the chance. The got the chance to go to Europe to do the “Tour du Mont Blanc,” a 105-mile loop around the massif of the Mont Blanc Monuntain (the tallest Alp) and passing over three countries: France, Italy, and Switzerland (done, typically in about 18 days). They will share their adventures on the hike, along with many surprises encountered along the way, the amazingly fantastic vistas (accompanied by pictures), the food (sorry, no samples), the people, and the preparation and training for the “Tour.” These two presenters have given multiple presentations for SOAR.

Day 4) Juanita Babcock – “Israel and Jordan.” Frequent world traveler, Juanita Babcock, has been out of the country again, this time on a Road Scholar trip to Isarel and Jordan. Juanita says,“This trip was jam-packed with wow-ing experiences!” The highlights include: The Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, baptism in the River Jordan, swimming in the Dead Sea, the birthplace of John the Baptist, the hospitality of the Jordanian people, touring Bethlehem, the Holocaust Memorial, the Fortress of Masada (UNESCO Heritage Site), the Roman ruins at Jerash, the lost city of Petra, and seeing the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and then actually seeing them in the Museum in Israel.

NOTES: 1) Come to any or all of the presentations; 2) Allow extra time to find a parking spot and/or for walking; please do NOT park in the IGA parking lot – those spaces are for customers!

Cap: 80

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