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Wiser Center is the actual "green house" attached to the corner of Stowell Hall facing Barrington Drive and Timmerman Hall (the physics and Geology building). At that corner there is a lower service entrance leading to the entrance - not always open. Enter the main entrance (opposite to Stowell) and immediatly turn left to take the stairs down to Wiser Center.  The first (small entrance) room is Stowel 207 - and 205 is the "greenhouse" entrance.

Closest Parking Lots: LOT 6 behind the quad on the Crane side. Enter the back door of Timmerman hall (far left door); walk over to the side of the building that faces the quad, and then to the end door to cross directly to Stowell Hall.

Restrooms: are in the middle of the main floor above.

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Urban Farming and Growing Indoors [S-24-41]


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