SUNY Canton: Miller Campus Center 212-214

34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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Coming from Potsdam: Follow HWY.11 through Canton. Stay to the right as you cross over the bridge (i.e. keep going straight ahead abandoning HWY.11(on the left) for HWY.68 strait ahead (as if going to Ogdensburg). The entrance to SUNY Canton is about a half-mile down HWY 68. Turn right at the stop light and enter the campus. Coming up from the south on HWY 11: once you get to Main street turn left (i.e. DON'T turn right to cross at the bridge when you reach the first stop light). SUNY Canton is then on the right (at the next stop light), in about a 1/2 mile.

Driving/Parking. After entering the SUNY Canton campus, at the "V" in the road (i.e. at the big flashing light welcome screen), take the right branch and head a bit downhill. Pass by the service drive on the left; at the next left (i.e. at Miller Drive) turn left and drive all the way to the end of that road where, if you are lucky, you may find a parkig spot directly in front of Miller Campus Center (Lot 13) (there are a few handicap parking spaces there). If this lot is full, backtrack down Miller Drive, to park in the large lot 1 (don't park in the small lot #14 by Newell Vet Tech Center - this lot is reserved for faculty). Hang your SUNY Potsdam parking tag on your review mirror; that may keep you from getting a parking ticket.

Getting to the Classroom: Walk back to Miller Campus Center. Enter the main door. In the far right corner you will find an elevator. Take that to the second floor. When you exit, look right - you have arrived at the door next to the elevator - classroom 212.

RESTROOMS: are in the long corridor, on the right as you exit the elevator


LINK: - this is a link to an interactive map of SUNY Canton. (Hover over any and see the building name - comes with a photo too.)  NOTE: orange 5 = Miller Campus Center.

LINK: - this is a .pdf of the campus - i.e. a printable campus map.

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