SUNY: Van Housen Extension SB27A

44 Pierrepont Ave.
Potsdam, NY 13676

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(Use the website link above to the campus map to find the exact location of the building)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Van Housen Ext. SB27A is a ground floor classroom in the same building as the SOAR office and the home location of our "administrative parent" - the Center for Lifelong Education and Recreation (CLEAR) at SUNY Potsdam. (Both SOAR and CLEAR are housed on the third floor of Van Housen Ext.). The building also houses the offices of the University Police on the first floor - you know you are in the right building because there usually are police cars parked outside. The extension (office building) is attached to Van Housen Hall, a campus dormitory. Drive in from Pierrepont Avenue on Gouverneur Drive which runs along the back side of Lehman Hall (dormitory). The main entrance to Van Housen Extension faces several parking lots used mostly by students living in nearby dormitories. SOAR members may park in any of these lots, except for the small one closest to the door (lot #21) which is for short term faculty and staff, with spots reserved for police cars and a few for the handicapped.  Once you enter the building, SB27A is the first room on the right, just a few steps from the outside doors. (There is an elevator at the end of the right-hand corridor, should you want to go upstairs to visit the SOAR office on the third floor (Room 382 - on the left, as you step out of the elevator.; if you need a key to get into the room, ask at the SOAR office - MWF 9-2; if no one is there, go to CLEAR office - first door on the right - in the opposite corridor,  to the right as you step out of the elevator.)

PARKING: The closest useable lots to the back door are #22 and then #20 (resident students are not supposed to use lot #30 so there are usually spots in this lot). Other lots - a little further away #18, #19 and #31), are also useable. There are a few handicapped spots in lot #21 (the police car lot), you must use a handicapped permit to park there.

ACCESSIBILITY: Auto-door opener, ground floor classroom. (NOTE: aisles in room are small, notify SOAR if you want to participate in a class that uses this room.

RESTROOMS: There is one uni-sex restroom on the ground level. Turn left when you enter the building; then the restroom is hte first door on the right.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT (SB27A USERS GUIDE):  permanent (secure) laptop (PC) with PowerPoint, etc. and access to the Internet,  ceiling-mounted digital projector, speakers; dual VCR/DVD player. To access the Internet from your personal laptop, it must be programmed (one time only) to receive the wireless signal (i.e. find the signal, then log with the SOAR login and password), then follow the online instructions.  However, you can connect your laptop directly to the projector by removing the VGA cable (and audio cable, if you need sound) from the roomcomputer, and connecting it (them) to your laptop.

FURNISHINGS: 10 narrow tables and 20 chairs (plus teacher's table and chair,); white board, large flip tablet on easel.


LINK to a one-page SUNY Potsdam .pdf map pinpointing the exact Spring 2014 SOAR course locations by building and room (includes parking lot numbers)

NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to see buliding names, road names and other details.


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A Brief History of Radio [S-14-6]

Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia [S-14-34]

You Too Can Play the Harmonica [S-14-59]

Researching Your Family Using Free Online Resources [S-14-48]


382 Van Housen Ext.
SUNY Potsdam
44 Pierrepont Ave.
Potsdam, New York 13676

Office hours: 9:00-2:00 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday (hours may vary when SOAR is not in session)

Phone: 315-267-2690


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