Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)

2 Park Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
Phone: (315) 265-7480
Website: http://www.vi.potsdam.ny.us/

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The Community Meeting Room at the Potsdam Civic Center is used during the day for meetings and classes; in the evenings it is used as a meeting room for the Rescue Service, and it is available as a briefing room in case of civic emergency. The room and comfortable room, with a small kitche area, it is well lit, yet it can be easily darkened for slide shows.

PARKING:  Park behind the Civic Center, in the lot next to the fire station, entrance on Main Street (if there is no room there, park across the street from the theater or in the lot behind the theater - entrances on Elm St. or Union St.). Enter from the parking lot at the corner of the building - at the Police Station / Potsdam Emergency Services entrance. Turn right after you enter and go past the restrooms (left) and vending machines (right) up the stairs (there is an elevator to the right of these stairs, if needed). At the top of the first landing turn left and go up an additional 8 steps - the Community Meeting Room will be on your right.

ACCESSIBILITY: There are some handicapped parking spots in the Civic Center lot. There is a small elevator (near the staircase) that will take you to the second floor.  If it is locked, ask at the Police Station window (to the left of the entrance) if they could unlock it for you.

ACCESS TO THE ROOM NOTE: Ask for the key to the room and the storage closet from Lori Queor, Village Clerk - (315) 265-7480 or lqueor@vi.potsdam.ny.us or from Dorothy, the janitor (or ask other office workers if either of those two aren't around). (To get to Lori's office - at the landing, continue straight into the old section of the Civic Center, follow the corridor around the left - then turn right. Lori's office is the second office on the left. If she isn't there, continue on to the secretaries' office by the front door; they can help you find Dorothy, who also has keys. NOTE: If you need a portable sound system (includes a mic) or a VGA cable you can borrow one from Lori's office.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT:  There is an overhead digital projector, with a port for hooking up a laptop to it on the right wall. There is a pull-down screen at the front of the room and two panels of white board. There is an equipment box to the left of the white board. In the box are: remotes for the digital projector and the DVD player located in the box).  Also available: a VGA cable (to connect a laptop PC to projeftor (i.e. if you don't have a VGA (or the one is missing ffrom the equipment box), ask Lori (info above).. If you have your own VGA cable bring it as back-up. If you use a MAC, you need to bring your own short adapter to connect to the 15 pin VGA cable. Other equipment is in the room closet in the front left corner: an extension cord and extra chairs and tables. Free WI-FI is available in this room; connect to the Potsdam Library's wi-fi to get to the Internet.

FURNISHINGS: There are ample long and shorter tables and 99 chairs; some set up, others are stacked in the room and/or in the closet.  Suggested set-up for groups over 25 - move tables (quietly so as not to disturb the people working below!) to the side walls (if tables are not needed); set up chairs in the center of the room (facing the the white boards / screen if you are using the digital project mounted in the ceiling). NOTE: Stacked chairs (at the back of the room) should be stacked no higher than 8 high!  Be careful restacking chairs - they can easily fall over if stacked too high or stack improperly on the dollies (that are used to move them to/from the closet)

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