SUNY: Van Housen Labyrinth Room

44 Pierrepont Ave.
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(Use the website link above to the campus map to find the exact location of the building)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Van Housen Labyrinth Room is a ground floor large meditation/exercise room in the adjoining building to Van Housen Extension (where the SOAR office and oft-used SOAR classroom SB27A is located; also the University Police Department). Van Housen Hall is a campus dormitory; the offices of the counseling service and health service are also in this building near the Labyrinth Room. Drive in from Pierrpont Avenue on Gouverneur Drive which runs along the back side of Lehman Hall (dormitory). You'll know you are in the right general location because there are police cars parked outside the doors of Van Housen Ext.  Park your car in visitor parking areas in any of the lots in area. The small lot #21 right at the door to Van Housen Ext. has many restricted slots - for police vehicles, for short term only, for handicap. Instead of entering Van Housen Ext., take the sidewalk along the long side of the building to the connection entrance between Van Housen Ext. and Van Housen Hall. Go up to the outside steps to the connector, enter, and turn left and go up a few more steps and enter Van Housen. The Labyrinth Room is on the left, just past the alcove with the restrooms.

PARKING: The closest useable lots are #22 and then #20. Other lots a little further away (#18, #19 and #31), are also useable. There are a few handicapped spots in lot #21 (the police car lot), you must use a handicapped permit to park there.

ACCESSIBILITY: If you can't do stairs, enter the Van Housen Ext. entrance at the end of the building from the University Police parking area (lto #21). Pass by room SB27A and continue to the elevator at the end of the corridor around the corner. Go to the first floor, exit (campus police office is on your left); turn right and follow the short corridor to the link between the two buildings. There is also an open elevator/lift next to the short staircase in the corridor; use it to avoid the stairs into Van Housen dorm area. (Ask for assistance at the Police window.) There is also a small open elevator in the Labyrignth Room that lowers your to room-foor level.

RESTROOMS: There is one uni-sex restroom in the connector area (by the University Police walk-up window); others are close by are in Van Housen Hall on the left, just after you enter Van Housen Hall.


FURNISHINGS: a few low benches (for taking off your shoes)


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