SUNY: Carson 204

44 Pierrepont Ave. Potsdam
SUNY Potsdam, NY 13676

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This is a new "classroom" location. (Photos coming soon!)

ParKing: In either lot 1 or lot 2, closest as you can get to the Raymond Hall (administration building (tallest building at SUNY Potsdam).  Walk up the grand staircase that takes you to the restaurant area (to the right of Raymond Hall). Enter and walk to the right, and go all away to get to get into the corridor BEHIND the restaurant, i.e. turn left into the back corridor (There are some restrooms there, if needed, and an exit door that would take you directly to a Crumb Library entrance - the library is in the center of the quad). Take the back corridor down a short distance to find a staircase (on the left). Go up one flight to find Carson Hall 204 in the middle of the 2nd floor short corridor (windows face the parking lots 1 and 2).

Room capacity:24

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44 Pierrepont Ave.
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