Palynology: Studying Pollen [F-16-48]

Presenter:Wil Rivers
Location: SUNY: Timerman 121
Classes: 2 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Mon 10:00 AM 09/12, 09/19
Status: CLOSED

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Pollen is the ideal fossil. It is abundant, easy to identify, and nearly indestructible. It accumulates in lake sediments and records the history of an area. You will learn how pollen is used to learn about past forests, pest outbreaks, and climate change. A combination of lectures and hands-on microscope use will introduce you to the beauty and power of palynology.

Wil Rivers is an Assistant Professor of Biology at SUNY Canton where he teaches courses in microbiology and pathophysiology. He has conducted ecological research in Upper Michigan, Indiana, the Smoky Mountains, Puerto Rico, and here in St. Lawrence County. His primary research interest in ecology focuses on how forests respond to short and long term disturbances from insect outbreaks to hurricanes to climate change.

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