SUNY Potsdam: Satterlee 225

44 Pierrpont Ave.
Potsdam, NY 13676

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Satterlee Hall faces Pierrpont Ave. It is the building with the clock tower in it. The room has recently has been renovated into an art classroom.

PARKING: Park in lot #1 (or #2). Enter the quad from the Flagg/Morey corner. Enter Flagg (on the right) and take the nearby staircase to the second floor; walk to the far end of the corridor and down a half-flight of steps into Satterlee, arriving into the history of SUNY Potsdam display area. Walk through the display area to the far side where you can either take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor. Continue down the second floor corridor, almost to the end. Room 225 will be on your right, at the end of a short corridor. ALTERNATE ROUTE: Enter Satterlee at the clock tower entrance and take the nearby stairs up to the second floor and head then towards the end (nearest Barrington Dr.); your room is on the right at the end of a short corridor.

ACCESIBILITY: There is an elevator nearby the room (around the corner to the right and in a small alcove at the end of the building. On ground level you can turn and walk through the building to the other end of Satterlee; also this elevator exits out to the loading dock at the end of the building where there is a handicap ramp.

RESTROOMS: There is a restroom near the door to the room.


FURNISHINGS: high tables and stools (with no backs). Suggestion: Bring a round cushion for comfort!

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Watercolor Workshop [S-24-44]


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