SLU: Johnson 303

1 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Johnson Hall of Science, is the newest science building on campus. It is a two-story, U-shaped,  modern (red brick, lots of glass) structure built around a small outside plaza with a circular drive around it. It is squeezed into the new center of the campus near the new student union. Johnson Hall sits downhill at an angle to Park St. and the other buildings around it. If you are coming from "J" lot (the closest parking lot to the science buildings), enter Johnson Hall at the second doorway on the left (i.e. at the breezeway shared with Bewkes Hall). Once inside, turn right and take the elevator (or nearby stairs) to the third floor.  Johnson 303 is the second and third doors on the right side of the nearby corridor.

PARKING: SLU has a "walking" campus - you cannot drive up to many of the buildings to drop off people. However, there is a circular drive at Johnson Hall. You can't park in the drive, but you can drop off people there - close to an entrance - which makes it convenient for attending SOAR classes at the science buildings as they are connected via inside corridors (or in the case of Johnson Hall and Bewkes Hall - connected  by an outside covered breezeway)

Park in lot "J" (just beyond the science buildings at the edge of campus and across from the sports buildings). Enter J lot from Park St. just beyond Bewkes Hall. (NOTE: if you miss this entrance, just continue to the service drive entrance for the university and turn left, and immediately left again into the far end of J lot.) Do not park in the spots marked for "faculty/staff," i.e. those nearest the buildings. Walk up to Park St., and then walk along Park St. and past Valentine and Bewkes Halls to the circular drive. Walk down that drive to enter the second door into Johnson Hall (at the breezeway connection with Bewkes). Then follow the directions above to the room.

ACCESSIBILITY: This classroom building is handicap accessible. However, parking is fairly far from the building, and the walk to get there is uphill. It's best that handicap people be dropped off in the circular service drive (entrance from Park St.) near the building

RESTROOMS: Restrooms are found in corridor closest to the Student Union and farthest from Park St. ; from room 244 walk down the hall (i.e. towards the center of campus);

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Computers and other tech pieces are at each lab table.

FURNISHINGS: chairs / 6 lab tables seating 4 each

NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to view the names of the buildings.

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