Clarkson University: Science Center 346

8 Clarkson Avenue
Potsdam, NY 13699
Phone: 315-268-6400

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LINK to map of Clarkson University Buildings and Parking Lots

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: To get to the Cora and Bayard Clarkson Science Center drive down Clarkson Ave and turn right into the driveway immediately past the President’s house; at the stop sign turn left, drive by Woodstock Lodge on the right, and follow the road to the right. The Science Center is the green and white concrete building on the right, immediately adjacent to the parking lot. Participants should enter at ground level and walk down the corridor to Room 143. The elevator is across from Room 143. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. Exit the elevator and Room 346 will be to the right.

PARKING: Park in the lot closest to the Science Center. The Clarkson Service Department will reserve spots for SOAR members. Click on the above link to view the Campus map; the parking lot to be used is indicated in red. The Registration team will send a parking pass to enrollees in courses meeting in Room 346.

RESTROOMS: Are on the 3rd floor elevator, on the opposite side of the corridor where the elevator is..

The map below is a Google map.

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Insects, Airplanes, and Rockets, Oh My! [S-24-20]


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