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1 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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(Use the above link to view the SLU campus map and check out its layout. Click on the academic buildings to get actual photos of the building, plus more information about the building's use; use the google map below to "walk" the campus)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Piskor Hall was formerly a Canton College building. It is the large red-sandstone and brick building, directly across from the book store, set back and facing Park Street. From lot J, walk up the hill to Park St. and then walk along Park St. - past the science buildings: (the end of) Valentine; then Bewkes and Johnson Halls); after that you pass the admissions office building (Payson) to reach Piskor Hall (philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history offices and classrooms). Head down a half flight of stairs to the center of basement area where you will find an elevator shaft (painted yellow). Room 10 is in the corner behind the elevator, just next to the back door (facing the Sullivan Student Center). To lessen the uphill walk, park in lot D, work your way to the bookstore, cross the street and enter Piskor at the nearby entry at the end of the building. Go down one half-flight of stairs, and find room 10 behind the yellow elevator shaft.

PARKING: Park in the J lot or D lot. From downtown Canton: turn onto Park Street at the light (between the between the post office and the park) and drive past the SLU campus to the far side of the campus buildings. To J lot: Turn left into the large parking lot just beyond the the science buildings on the left (and the sports complex on the right). Do NOT park in "FACULTY" or "GUEST" parking spots - these are ONLY for SLU issued parking passes. Park in one of the open spots ("faculty" and "guests" get the closest spots!). (Remember to hang you SOAR issued permit!) From J Lot, walk up the pathway to Park Street. If you park in D lot (no permit needed). From Park Street, turn right (along the back side of the sports complex) into parking lot D (NOTE 1: the small lot directly on Park St. is NOT part of D lot; do not park there!) NOTE 2: you can park anywhere in D lot without a permit. The best place to park (for a more level walk) is at the far end by the tennis courts. Walk by the stadium and over to the book store to cross the street and find the closest end entrance (on the right) to Piskor, descend to the basement, look for the classroom behind the yellow elevator shaft  in the middle of the main ccorridor. NOTE 3: only use the crosswalks to get across Park St. to your SOAR classes. NOTE 4: Reminder the parking lot at the bookstore is for patrons, not parking spots for SOAR classes!

ACCESSIBILITY: Handicapped people can be dropped off at the bookstore. On the side that faces Sullivan Student Union, there is a ramp that leads to the basement area. Piskor 10 is immediately on your right when you enter the door,

RESTROOMS: Restroom are nearby.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: overhead projector and other tech equipment.

FURNISHINGS: large room with tables and chairs.


NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to view the names of the buildings. Drag and drop the little yellow man on the SLU walkways and follow the paths with actual views of the buildings to your destination.

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