SUNY: Satterlee 120

44 Pierrepont Ave.
Potsdam, NY 13676

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(Use the website link above to the campus map to find the exact location of the building)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Facing Satterlee Hall from the quad, the room is located in the far left wing area. If you have parked in Lot 1 or 2, enter the quad from the Morey/Flagg corner, staying outside. Walk towards the opposite corner, passing by the clock tower entrance, to find the set-back pathway to Brainerd Art Gallery. Enter there.  Just inside the door, look right to see the sign for room 120; enter the alcove and proceed up a short ramp, which takes you to the back of the large classroom.  If you park in lots 20 or 22 (near Van Housen Ext. / SOAR office), walk back to the quad on Watertown Drive. Cross Barrington Drive, proceed under the Brainerd - Dunn archway, walk past the wooden art piece to the walkway leading to the main intrance of Brainard. Just inside the door... (follow this note above).

PARKING: Park in lot #1 or #2; or park in lot #20 or #22 (near VanHousen Ext.)

ACCESSIBILITY: automatic handicpap doors; first floor classroom. Drop off your handicapped person at the stop sign on Barrington Drive, closest to the archway walkway that leads into the quad  (i.e. where Brainard Hall [art center] faces Dunn Hall. There is one handicap parking space in lot 11 and 2 spots in lot 12 (both face Pierrepont Ave.)  There are several in front of Barrington Student Center (but check to see if there is a time limit on them - the other spots say 15 min. only.

RESTROOMS: are in the main Brainerd -- down several steps from the front door and then just up a few steps - - to a short hall - restrooms are in the alcover on the right.


FURNISHINGS: long rows of tables and chairs.


NOTE:  The map below does not include building or road names and other details (view those details using the "Website" link at the top of this page.

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