SUNY Canton: Roos House: Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center (CARC)

34 Cornell Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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(Use the link above to print out a .pdf campus map showing locations of buildings and parking areas for SUNY Canton. Click on the symbols to see what they represent - they are color coded. Choose "Printable Map" to get a different view map, and one that is easily printable showing "what" is "where"!)

LAYOUT: Roos House is made up of separate blocks each with its own exterior style. Parking for SOAR is in the back and up the hill a bit away from the building. Viewing from the back of the building, the bold blue end is the hockey arena; the right grey end is the Field House (the front glassed in section facing the campus is where the faculty/coaches offices are).  The other corner (i.e. near the hockey rink are rest rooms and Joey's  refreshment stand. Between these two inside areas you'll find  the swimming pool (you can peek in and see them swimming!), and nearer to the offices are the "spin" rooms.  Bascially on the main level there are just two corridors: (looking from behind on the left): there is one corridor running about 1/3 in from the back to front entrances; and one about a third the way in perpendicular. The Mezzanine is at the hockey rink end and gives you a bird's eye view of both the hockey rink and the field house.

DIRECTIONS: To get to Roos House, housing the Convocation, Athletic and Recreation Center (CARC) 

To get to SUNY Canton from downtown canton, head west on HWY 68 towards Ogdensburg. Turn right at the SNY Canton stop light and head uphill. To get to Roos House - Canton Athletic and Recreation Center - bear left at the “V,” and drive to the (bright blue-at-one-end) sports complex at the left corner if campus. Turn in, and drive around to the back of the building to park behind in Lot 23 (up the hill, i.e. nearest the playing field). Walk back from the lot to where the blue end of Ross House (CARC) meets the grey stone of the building, to enter the building. Walk up the staircase to the main floor and up another flight to the Mezzanine, a semi-open classroom (for Days 1 and 2).  Once you take the first set of stairs up, stay on that level and walk to the front of the building, turn right, go past snack bar and the swimming pool to the “spin room” (for Day 3).

Need an elevator? When you enter the building, turn left into the coaches area to find it in the first alcove area on the right (look for the lighted "exit" sign)

(This site is still under construction - revisit it again before your first class to find photos and a map on how to get to Roos House, and how to navigate the building once you are there.)

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