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CLICK on the above link to view an SLU campus navigation map with the buildings named and pathways shown; use the +/- on the map to increase/decrease the size of the map, and use your mouse to "drag" your way along from your parking lot choice to the chapel. View the photos to find more useful maps and pictures

    Valentine Hall
is part of the interconnected science buildings. It houses the Math Department office and classrooms on the main floor and faculty offices on the second floor.  Valentine Hall is connected directly to three other buildings via a breezeway. Viewing from Lot J, Valentine Hall is the section nearest Park St.; center back (closest to Lot J), is Flint Hall (not named on the above map), an added faculty offices extension; Brown Hall is on the right end of the building. A breeze way (closer to Park St.) leads from Valentine Hall to Bewkes Hall, and from there another breezeway leads to Johnson Hall of Science. A breezeway also leada from Brown Hall to Madill Hall - science library and center for computer services. 
    The easiest way to get to Valetine 105 from Lot J is to follow the sloped path (with a sturdy handrail) up to Flint Hall. (Park as close as you can to the walkway leading to Flint Hall).  Enter Flint Hall, then walk straight past the faculty offices to the other end of the corridor; exit, then take the half-flight of stairs on the right up to the main floor (or take the elevator - get the key from the secretary in Room 111). Turn left into Valentine Hall. Valentine 105 is the fourth door (third classroom) on the right.

RESTROOMS: Ladies Room is in the alcove directly across from Valentine 105; Mens Room is further down in next alcove (beyond the vending machines).

    Lot J: Coming from downtown, turn left into the large parking lot just beyond the science complex on the left. (If you miss the first turn, continue on to the other end of the lot; turn left onto the "service road," and then an immediate left again into lot J.) Do NOT park in "FACULTY" or "GUEST" parking spots - these are ONLY for SLU issued parking passes – i.e. park in an unmarked spot farther from the science buildings. Hang your SUNY Potsdam parking pass on your review mirror so you won't get a ticket while you are attending a SOAR class on campus.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Valentine 105 is a "smart classroom." Screen, video projector, computer

FURNISHINGS: tech podium, large tablet chairs, white boards

ROOM CAPACITY: 38 - ("Linguistics...," cap: 20)

RESTROOMS: Ladies Room is directly across the hall in the first aclove from this classroom; Mens Room is also across the hall, but in the second alcove - just past the vending machines in the alcove.

NOTE: use the google map below for another view of the campus. cllick on the  little "man" icon and drag him to the map to walk around the various paths and see real views of the campus.

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