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1 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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CLICK on the above link to view an SLU campus navigation map with the buildings named and pathways shown; use the +/- on the map to increase/decrease the size of the map, and use your mouse to "drag" your way along from your parking lot choice to the chapel. View the photos to find more useful maps and pictures of the chapel.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Gunnison Chapel is the grey church building at the top of the hill (on the west side of the quad). From lot J or lot D (after you cross Park St.) you can walk along Park St. until you visually can see the Chapel up on the hill on the right. Or, from lot J, walk up the hill on the path closest to Park St. and continue walking on the sidewalk as far as Johnson Hall of Science. (From lot D, walk to Park St. and cross over to Johnson Hall via the crosswalk.) Take the angled walk leading to the center quad of the campus, passing between the buildings directly on Park St. (on your left) and the length of Johnson Hall of Science (on your right); At the "V" stay left on the upper part of the path; cross the small plaza, passing by the Student Center on the right and Sykes Dining Hall on the left. Keep walking, passing (on the left) Hepburn Hall (sits back from the walkway), then Carnegie Hall on the left - the next building is the Chapel. Enter the first side door or continue to the main door (which faces Richardson Hall).

HANDICAP PARKING: The gate should be open for handicap parking in front of Richardson Hall with a few spots also closer to the Chapel. Coming from downtown on Park St., turn left onto University Ave. at the corner of the campus, then first right onto the campus road. Richardson Hall is the second building on the right. If the gate is not open, drop off your passenger(s) at the corner, and turn left (on Romoda Dr.) and go downhill to lot "H" (on the left) there is a total of 12 handicap spots at the ends of the front row. Be sure to display your handicap placard!

GENERAL PARKING: Park in the lot J or lot H. From downtown Canton, turn onto Park Street at the light (between the post office and the park) and drive to the far end of the campus buildings.
    To lot J: Turn left into the large parking lot just beyond the science buildings on the left (and the sports complex on the right). (If you miss the first turn, continue on to the other end of the lot; turn left on the "service road," and then an immediate left again into lot J.) Do NOT park in "FACULTY" or "GUEST" parking spots - these are ONLY for SLU issued parking passes – i.e. park in an unmarked spot farther from the science buildings. Hang your SUNY Potsdam parking pass on your review mirror so you won't get a ticket while you are attending a SOAR class on campus.
    To lot D: Instead of turning left into lot J, turn right into the driveway along the back side of the sports complex, i.e.  into parking lot D. (NOTE: the small lot facing Park St. is not part of Lot D; do not park there!) You can park anywhere in lot D without a parking permit. However, the best spots would be on the far side of the complex by the tennis courts, closer to the pedestrian walkway between the sports complex and the stadium. When you reach Park St., cross the street at the Johnson Hall of Science cross walk (or go down further to cross at the Bookstore cross walk  to towards the student union; once there turn left and follow the directions above tothe chapel). NOTE:  Only use the crosswalks to get across Park St. to your SOAR classes.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: microphone


ROOM CAPACITY: Course Cap is: 20 (the chapel obviously seats way more than that)

(NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course)

NOTE: use the google map below for another view of the campus. cllick on the  little "man" icon and drag him to the map to walk around the various paths and see real views of the campus.

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Gunnison Chapel at SLU [S-16-29]


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