Clarkson University: CAMP 163

10 Clarkson Avenue
Potsdam, NY 13699

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: CAMP 163 (CAMP = Center for Advanced Materials Processing) is a large modern building located at the ifar corner of the hill campus. You can best approach this building by taking the "outer ring" route. Coming from downtown Potsdam on Maple St. (US11), turn left at Kinney Drugs onto Clarkson Avenue (CR 59); then drive up a short rise to the second entrance road and turn right. At the first stop sign, turn left, drive past Woodstock Lodge (on the right) and follow the road (it weaves between parking lots to housing on the left and other classroom buildings and their parking lots on the right). When you reach the last academic building on the right - this is CAMP, and there is an oval drive in front of the main entrance to the building where you can drop off passengers. Park across the street (on the left side of the drive) or in the lot just a bit farther along the drive on the right. If you are coming from the south on US11, turn right onto the first entrance road marked by a row of fir trees and a large green Clarkson sign; just before the Clarkson tennis courts and recreation buildings). before the "formal" main entrance to the hill campus, (i.e. turn right before the tennis courts and recreation buildings.). Pass by the back parking lot of Cheel Arena, follow the road as it veers left - CAMP is the first academic building on the left. There is parking on the left at the side of the building and across the street from the building. To get to CAMP 162 (a computer classroom) walk directly from the main (oval drive) entrance, past the atrium (on your left) to the very end of the long corridor. (There on the right is a lounge with purple couches along with room 175 at the corner where the lounge area meets the corridor.) Turn left into the corridor - room 162 is off a small alcove (second door on left once  in the corridor), then tun right into room 162.

PARKING: As the "Climate Change...." class starts late in the afternoon there should be no parking issues, however do not park in the oval in front of the building

ACCESSIBILITY: Drop off passengers directly in front of the builidng by driving into the oval before you park. The main doors to the buliding have a handicap remote door opener. The rooms we are using in CAMP are both on the ground level and at the end of a medium short corridor.

RESTROOMS: are down the short hall (beyond the purple couches).

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Room 163 is "smart" computer classrom with instructor station and open computer pods around the perimeter of the room.

FURNISHINGS: chairs on wheels and desk stations.


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Climate Change: Science, Policies, Impacts [S-13-12]


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