Christian Science Reading Room

28 Elm Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
Phone: 265-6711

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS:  The Christian Science Reading room is a small white building addition to the the main white worship building (a former house) next door. It is marked with a large sign over the front of the Reading Room. Just to the west of the Reading Room is the Potsdam Co-op; there is a large fraternity house to the right of the worship house. The Reading is across Elm Street from the Potsdam Museum. How you get to the building, depends on where you park.

PARKING: There is a small parking lot behind the main worship building, however it has a very narrow drive and, being near the 5-road intersection area, it is hard to turn into it. The driveway is between the worship house and the fraternity house next door. The drive is VERY VERY narrow and passes closely between the side of the house and its handicap ramp on the one side and a stone embankment on the other.. USING THIS LOT IS NOT ADVISED, especially if you are driving a large car.. Alternative public parking can be found in the Civic Center parking lot (behind the buildings across the street), in the lot off of Union Street (behind Key Bank). Or, if you don't want to cross Elm Street, park in the large public parking lot a block away behind the Market Street buildings - entrances from Munson Street (Pizza Hut corner) or from Elm Street (drive between Elks building and Casbah).

ACCESSIBILITY: There is a handicap ramp into the main worship building (ramp is on the driveway side); from there you can cross over to the Reading Room.



FURNISHINGS: Chairs / Tables


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Spiritual Healing from a Christian Science Perspective [S-12-50]


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