SLU: Carnegie 114

1 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course.


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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Carenegie 114 is a "smart" classroom on the first floor of Carnegie Hall. The building is to the left of the Chapel, if you are standing on the quad and looking west. Once in the building take the half-staircase (or elevator) up to the first floor. The room is the first classroom on the left. (SLU 3-D campus map)

PARKING:  The Chapel parking lot will be available on your class days for parking. Park at the far end, closer to Carnegie. To get to the lot, use the entrance off of University Avenue (approach this entrance from Park street, or from College Ave (turning onto University Avenue and then making an immediate left) and you can drive straight into the lot. If you use the formal entrance (with the three flags) from Main St., drive up the hill towards the chapel and turn left into the entrance to the lot). If this lot is not available, use the "formal" entrance to SLU (Romoda Drive), and park in first lot on right (the Vilas Hall / Nobel Center parking lot - Lot H); visitors may park anywhere but in the first 3 lines of cars (some handicap parking is available in the first two lines).

ACCESSIBILITY: handicap exterior doors; elevator

RESTROOMS: are in the basement: women's to the right; mens' to the left

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: "smart" classroom; computer; VCR/DVD, digital projector, smart board, digital camera.

FURNISHINGS:  podium; table; tablet arm chairs


(The red bubble on the Google map below marks the entrance to the Chapel parking lot.

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