SUNY: Maxcy Ice Arena

44 Pierrepont Ave.
Potsdam, NY 13676

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The ice rink is on the ground floor of Maxcy Hall. Turn left as you come into the building from lot #30.

PARKING: Park in lot #30 (the lot closest to Outer Main St.) Do not park in lot #29 which is closest to the door of the building. (NOTE: if lot #30 is full, you can park in lot #27 continue down the drive alongside the back of the field house - lot #27 is on the left at the far corner of the building.

ACCESSIBILITY:The outside door to Maxcy Hall has a handicapped remote-door opener to the building.

RESTROOMS: Men's restroom is down the left hallway (past the Field House) on the right; women's restroom is down the righthand hallway on the left (across from Maxcy 104).

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