Potsdam Town Hall - Community Room (18 Elm St.)

18 Elm St.
Potsdam, NY
Website: http://www.potsdamny.us/

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View the link to their website above to find out what services they provide for the town.

DESCRIPTION: This is a new red brick building on the north side of Elm St. near downtown Market St. Enter the building either by the front or back door and follow the main corridor to the large "Community Room" (at the back of the building). This room is used also as a courtroom. The room is carpeted and there are curtains to close off light from outside and also from the windows that flank the long corridor.

PARKING: There is a small parking lot behind the building; other lots are nearby behind offices and stores.

ACCESSIBILITY: Fully accessible.

RESTROOMS: nearby are on the main corridor.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: wi-fi available (other tech additions are planned for the future)

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Phone: 315-267-2690

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