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Canton, NY 13617

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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course. We are required to park in lots J, D, or H. SLU Security is given a list of SOAR classes scheduled on campus each semester, and we are given 1/2 before and after to get to and from our classes.  NOTE BENE: You may be ticketed if you park elsewhere, and that includes at the Bookstore lot, which is for patrons of the bookstore only!

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Hepburn 111 is in one of the older (small) white stone classroom buildings on campus. It sits midway up the "hill" with Sykes dorm on one side and remodeled Carnegie Hall (farther up the hill) on the other side. On foot, you can approach it from several directions, depending on where you park. From the front door (facing a small courtyard with trees and a circle area), once you enter, go up one flight of stairs to the first floor, enter - Hepburn 111 is then the first classroom on the right. If you enter the back of the building, go up one flight of stairs, enter, walk through that corridor to the front of the building, where room 111 is just off to the left (facing the front side).

PARKING: Park in J lot, D lot or H Lot.From downtown Canton: turn onto Park Street at the light (between the post office and the park) and drive past the SLU campus to the far side of the campus buildings. J lot, a very large lot, is on the left, just beyond the the science buildings. Do NOT park in "FACULTY" or "GUEST" parking spots - these are ONLY for SLU issued parking passes...park in one of the open spots farther from the science buildings. D Lot is across Park St. from J Lot (i.e. it is the last building on the right as drive down Park St. from town). Park behind the sports complex and also around the far corner. NOTE 1: the small lot facing Park St. is not part of Lot D; do not park there!) NOTE 2: you can park anywhere any time in lot D without a permit.  So if you want to stay on campus awhile, this is where you should park. NOTE 3: Use the crosswalks to get to your SOAR classes on the other side of this busy Park St.        From J Lot, walk up the sidewalk to Park Street (and from D Lot cross the street at any crosswalk). Walk along Park Street, past the science buildings (Valentine, Bewkes, Johnson), and keep on walking past, Payson (admissions), Piskor, Memorial, and Sykes residence Hall. Once past Sykes (formal entrance facing Park St.), turn right and walk up the side of Sykes to a walkway leading toward the back of Hepburn hall (or keep walking around to the front of the building to enter there). Once inside walk up a half flight to the first floor, enter, if you came in the back walk to the front - room 111 is in the front corner slightly to the left.           To get to H Lot, across from the theater and art center, next to Vilas Hall (administration), turn at the main formal entrance off of HWY 11 and follow the road a block; turn into the first open large parking lot (H Lot) on the right, facing the road. There are some handicap spots facing the road. This lot is often full during the day. Lot H is a bit closer to Hepburn Hall than lots J and D.  (If it is full continue driving up the hill, turn right at the curve, then left, then left again onto Park St. to get to J Lot or D lot.)  Walk up the hill, turn left at the top, and pass by Richardson Hall, the Chapel, Carnegie Hall - Hepburn Hall is next. It sits beyond a small courtyard. Enter the front door (facing the courtyard), walk up one flight of stairs, enter the corridor, 111 is then on your right. 

ACCESSIBILITY: No matter which way you choose to come, it is a long walk.  Consider letting out your handicap person at the bend in the campus road near Richardson Hall (there are a couple of handicap spaces there, in the curved pavement in front of Richardson. (NOTE: all parking, including handicap parking at the bookstore, is for bookstore clients only!

RESTROOMS: Ladies room is on the first floor, halfway down the long corridor; Mens room is found in the same area on the floor below. And a unisex "restroom" is in the same area on the second floor above.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Hepburn 111 is a "smart classroom" with computer, internet access, and projector.

FURNISHINGS: tablet arm-chairs


NOTE: use the google map below for another view of the campus. cllick on the  little "man" icon and drag him to the map to walk around the various paths.

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