North Country Children's Museum

10 Raymond St.
Potsdam, NY
Phone: 315-274-9380

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North Country Children’s Museum is located at 10 Raymond St., Potsdam. Your destination is just off the south side of Market St. (the same street as the “Cactus Grill and Cantina”).  Coming over the Maple St. road from the south, turn left onto Market St., and then turn at the first left (narrow!) street (between the Potsdam Town Court and The University Bookstore). (Note 1: if you took the Hwy 11 Sandstone Bypass or any other road to downtown Market St., turn onto Market Street, passing by on the left - Willow St, and Depot St. to turn right, between the buildings named above; Note 2: if you come via Elm St. cross at the Market St. at light to take Raymond. Note 3: if you are coming down from the north on HWY 56, turn right at the light at the junction at Elm St). You will soon see a large parking lot on the right. You have arrived…park! Look back towards Market St. to see the entrance to the North Country Children’s Museum. Coming from other directions: 1) from Main Street, turn right onto Market, then left onto Raymond. 2) all other, once you are on Market, you will be turning right (the last side road).



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Learning to Play at the Children’s Museum [F-19-35]


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