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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The Performing Arts Center (PAC) is located where parking lot #7 used to be (i.e. across from parking lot #6), across the street behind Timmerman Hall. Built just recently, it is a white building with a varigated, angled roof. It is linked in the back to Bishop Hall. It houses the Proscenium Theatre (large auditorium), as well as the Black Box Theatre (dance practice and performing area), and the ticket office (in the foyer outside the theatre). Box Office Hours at the Performing Arts Center (PAC): M-F 12:30-4:30pm and 1 hour prior to performances on event nights, excluding legal holidays. Box Office Phone: 267-2277.  

PARKING: Park in lot 6 if you can find a space available. Or park in lot 2 (as close as you cant to lot 6) and walk around the corner to the Theatre. You can park in lot 9 on the far side of the Theatre and enter Bishop Hall link to PAC at the corner and walk (left) through a corridor to the Theatre. Once you get into PAC, there are stairs and an elevator that can take you up to the Theatre level. NOTE: Parking lot 9 extends all the way around from Bishop Hall to Hosmer Hall.

Black Box Theatre
(the small classroom, practice area, and a performance theater combined)- as soon as you enter the main entrance - STOP! Black Box Theatre is immediately on your left. (NOTE: the writing on the wall!)
Proscenium Theatre (the main large theater) is past the ticket booth at the far end of the hall. 

ACCESSIBILITY: The Proscenium Theatre and Black Box Theatre are handicap accessible. There is a drive where you can drop off handicapped people right at the door to the foyer of the theatre. (When it is not theater night) it is also possible to park for a brief time to run into the ticket office to buy your tickets.

RESTROOMS: Restrooms are in the foyer (as well as a large seating area in case you want to sit down before the doors open).

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: This is a high tech theater.

FURNISHINGS: Theater seating (with some handicap seating along the sides andin the back.

ROOM CAPACITY: est. several hundred

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