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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or current SLU faculty involved in teaching a SOAR course.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Richardson Hall, one of the oldest red-sandstone buildings, is located on the side of campus nearest downtown Canton. Parking, however, is on the far side of campus (see below). Richardson houses the English Department. From lot J, walk up the hill on the path closest to Park St.; from lot D, work your way to the inner pedestrian walk-way between the sports complex and the stadium, and cross Park St. at the Johnson Hall of Science (round oval drive in front) crosswalk. Continue along Park St. until you see the chapel on the hill. The red brick building to the left is Richardson Hall. Walk up the outside staircase which faces the chapel. Once inside walk up to the second floor, open the door. Richardson 201 is the first classroom on the right.

Optional Route: Once you reach Johnson Hall of Science (oval drive), take the angled walk leading to the center of campus, passing by the length of Johnson Hall on your right and other classroom buildings on your left and. When you get to a "V" in the pathway, bear left. Continue on this path, passing by the student center on the right and Sykes Dining Hall on the left. Keep walking, passing (set back off the road on the  left) Hepburn Hall, then Carnegie Hall, after that, the Chapel, and finally you have arrived at Richardson Hall. Acend the half-flight of stairs (closest to the chapel), enter the building and go up to the second floor.  Room 201 is the first door on the right.

PARKING: Park in the J lot or D lot. From downtown Canton: turn onto Park Street at the light (between the between the post office and the park) and drive past the SLU campus to the far side of the campus buildings. To J lot: Turn left into the large parking lot just beyond the the science buildings on the left (and the sports complex on the right). Do NOT park in "FACULTY" or "GUEST" parking spots - these are ONLY for SLU issued parking passes. Park in one of the open spots farther from the science building. (Remember to hang you SOAR issued permit!) From J Lot, walk up the sidewalk to Park Street. If you park in D Lot (no permit needed). From Park Street, turn right (along the back side of the sports complex) into parking lot D (NOTE 1: the small lot direclty on Park St. is NOT part of D lot; do not park there!) NOTE 2: you can park anywhere in D lot without a permit. You then will need to walk across Park St. NOTE 3: only use the crosswalks to get across Park St. to your SOAR classes.  H Lot across the quad and downhill (next to Vilas Hall and across from the theatre) is another option. This lot is usually parked full. However there are quite a few handicap parking spaces in the front row. Be sure you hang you handicap sticker and display your SOAR pass on the dashboard. Richardson is the old "boxy" sandstone building to the right of the chapel. Follow the sidewalk or cut across the quad to get to the steps and door directly across from the chapel.

ACCESSIBILITY: Parking is far from the building, and the walk to get there is uphill. It's best that mildly handicap people be dropped off at the corner of University and Romoda Drive, i. e. close to Richardson. There is an angled ramp (leading down from the right) on the front of the building (i.e. facing the quad) that leads to the basement area. NOTE: there is no elevator in this building. There is a half-flight of outside steps leading up the first floor and a half-flight leading down to the basement) at all sides of the building.

RESTROOMS: There is a unisex restroom on each floor at the end of the building closest to the chapel.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: podium with computer; digital projector; screen.

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