SLU: Piskor 19

1 Romoda Drive
Canton, NY 13617

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Piskor Hall was formerly a Canton College building. It is the large red-sandstone and brick building, directly across from the book store, set back a bit and facing Park Street.

From lot J (from town: on the left of the far end of the campus). Walk up the hill to Park St. and then walk along Park St. - past the science buildings: (the end of) Valentine; then Bewkes and Johnson Halls; after that you pass the admissions office building (Payson) to reach Piskor Hall (philosophy, sociology, anthropology and history offices and classrooms). Enter the end door (closest to J lot). Head to the basement (ground floor) where you will find Room 19 on the last room on the left.

NOTE: To lessen the uphill walk, park in lot D, behind the far side of the sports complex, near the tennis courts. Cross at the street. Take the walkway by the stadium and cross Park Street, then follow the directions above.

NOTE: Parking in the lot at the bookstore is for patrons only. You may get a ticket for parking there - it is well patrolled.  ACCESSIBILITY: Handicapped people can be dropped off at the bookstore.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: projector and screen, computer.

FURNISHINGS: tablet chairs.


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