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The Map link above can show you the list of buildings (search list is on the right), or just click on any building to see its name.

The MAP on the right also shows the buildings and points out where we have some of our Fall 2017 classrooms, including Dunn Hall (on the quad). Click on the map to reveal a number of photos that will take you visually, and with commentary, to lead you to Dunn Hall 204. (NOTE: the "dot" on the building shows you approximately where the room is located in the building,)

LOCATION: Dunn Hall is one of the buildings on the quad. With Timmerman Hall (and a statue of Minerva between them - they mark one side the of the Quad. The back sides of these two buildings face the front door (at the corner) of the "Barrington Student Union" (where SOAR holds its Luncheons).  The front side of Dunn, faces the quad - i.e. where the library stands in the middle. Room 208 is on the second floor of the front corridor about in the middle of the buidling. The three windows in the room look out at the quad and library.

PARKING: If you park in lots 1 or 2, park near Raymond Hall (Administration Building). Enter just buildnig just to the right of Raymond (up a plaza area that leads to an inside food court. Once inside, bare right and walk to the back of the building and exit at the Carson/Morey back door. Take the path across the quad - passing by the library on your left, to enter the left front door of Dunn Hall. Once inside take stairs in the long corridor, or the elevator in the short neaby corridor to the second floor. Dunn 208 is about halfway down the long corridor (windows in these rooms face the quad and library).  From lots 20, 22, 31 (near the SOAR office), park and walk down Watertown Dr. to the Quad and enter the end of Dunn that faces Brainerd. Walk down the long corridor - find stairs or go around the far corner to the elevator in the short corridor - to get to the second floor; the room is about in the middle of this long corridor.

Restrooms are nearby. Note them as you walk by.

The Google map below has two views ... darg the "little guy"out to expand to another view where you can see more naming of the buildings, etc.

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