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SEE MAP in the photo at the right which will show you where Bishop 123 is located in reference to Maxcy 104 and the SOAR office.  Click the map to view it, then click again to view photos of Bishop 123 with info on how to get there.

LINK: to a .PDF SUNY Potsdam Map (increase the size as needed) - the list of named buildings is at the far right (scroll over as needed).

Bishop C123 is part of the complex called "Crane." The room is a huge open rehearsal center. The complex is all inter-connected. Bishop Hall is a two story building which faces the parking lot #9 (direct entrances are from Barrington Drive)  and the sports playing fields. Directly facing the building, you will see to the left  (and connected to it) the "Performing Arts Center; beyond it and to the right (and looming taller!) is Hosmer Consert Hall. There is an entrance at each end of Bishop Hall. Looking from the parking lot, the best entrance to use is the one on the right. (This entrance is up a small incline (with a nice art and fauna display to walk by). There is only on step up at this entrance.  Once inside the building, STOP! Turn right into a small alcove. Bishop C123 is on the right (it's the corner room, used for rehearsals. 

PARKING:  Park in Lot #9 on the side that faces the sports fields. There are two direct entrances from Barrington Drive. If you happen to come in by Hosmer Hall, drive around to the through the lot to the side entrance.

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