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VIEW AND/OR PRINT the SLU campus map (if you don't have the one at hand that came with your registration packet). This one will show you all the parking areas and identify the all the classroom buildings.

Owen D Young Library is set in the older part of the campus, facing Richardson Hall and the Chapel area. (The back side of the library faces Park Street.)

PARKING: Park in lot H the lot next to Vilas Hall (administration building) and across the street from the theatre and art center. Walk up the hill; pass between the chapel and Richardson Hall... the library is directly ahead - a long white brick building. Or Park at far end of campus in Lot J (beyond the science buildings and across the street from the Sports complex). Remember to hang you SUNY Potsdam parking pass on your rearview mirror.  You can also park anywhere behind the sports complex, or around the back corner by the tennis courts. (No pass is required to park in Lot D). You can also park behind the sports complex and also  beside the tennis courts at the far side of the sports complex. (No pass is necessary to park behind the the sports complex (this would give you a more "level" walk to the library.)

WALKING: Walk along Park St. from Lots J and D until you get a full view of the chapel on the hill. The building just ahead of you, close to Park Street, is the library. Take the path up the hill to enter the main door (which faces the Chapel and Richardson Hall).

Enter at the main entrance. (This entrance is directly opposite the "Special Collections" section at the back side of the building.) Pass through the check point at the entrance; walk past the check-out desk. Walk halfway around the staircase, pass thru a small section of books and a few tables/seats until you reach a large glass enclosed room. You have arrived!

There is a handicap entrance at the back of the building, if needed (the ramp into the building is at the loading dock). (Currently there is some construction going on at this area, but you can drop off a handicapped person, if needed). Once inside, follow the signs to the elevator; take it up one level. The"Special Collections" area is then to your left; it is a large glass-enclosed room. There are also a few handicap parking spots directly in front (quad side) of Richardson Hall (and near the chapel). Walk between Richardson Hall and the chapel to get to the main library door; then follow the directions above.



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