Evergreen Cemetery, Canton

intersection CR68 and HWY11
Canton, NY 13617
Phone: none

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Evergreen cemetery is one of the oldest in our area. Many of the names you see on the most prominent monuments belong to the important people who first came to the region to settle, making their homes here. And some are connected to the early days St. Lawrence University, and many of the buildings at SLU are named after them. Others are prominent in their own way. Such as the artist and sculptor, Frederic Remington. There are fabulous monuments in this cemetery, but Frederic Remington's is fairly plane. 

From Potsdam, drive on HWY11 to Canton. At the very first stoplight turn left at that corner between the St. Lawrence Golf Course and the cemetery (which would be on your left as you approach the light. (On the other corners: Verizon (former Pizza Hut - Car Wash nearby; and Stewarts).  The Evergreen Cemetery entrane is IMMEDIATELY on the left when you make the turn. If there are cars in the way of making the immedidate turn nto the cemetery, continue past the golf course on the right and turn around at the SLU stables on the right to head back towards the cememtery entrance and stop light.  Enter the cemetery. Stay to the left (you are driving parallel with HWY 11 then) until you reach the Frederic Remington memorial on the right.  (If you were to keep going past his memorial, you would soon come to an exit taking you directly back onto HWY 11... turn right and you are headed back to Potsdam.)

PARKING: There may be people there who can show you where you can park - follow their directions. There is a small storage shed that has a few pull off spots available. You will also see a two double short cuts to the other half of the circle road through the cemetery (see map below). You can fit a few cars there as well. Also people sometimes just pull a little into the lawn so they don't block traffic on the narrow one lane roads at the cemetery.

NOTE: Bring a chair to sit on as you view their presentation on how to clean memorial monumemts. 




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