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DESCRIPTION: Rowley 244 is one section of the large science building complex at Clarkson. The room is located in the middle of the back corridor on the second floor of the building. NOTE: There is an elevator at the LEFT main entrance when you are at the front of the building (i.e. where you can read in large bold letters: "William J. Rowley Laboratories").

DRIVING: Turn onto Clarkson Avenue i.e. at the stop light between Kinney's Drugs and the edge of the campus. At the second yellow blinking light at the top of a small hill, turn right, passing by the president's house (on the right). At the first stop sign, turn left, and drive by sandstone "Woodstock Lodge" (one of the oldest buildings on campus). The set-back tall grey cement building at the curve in the drive, is the Science Center. Continue driving around the Science Center, up a small incline to the very BACK of the building where you will find a large parking lot (sign at entrance says "Staff Parking Only.") By mid-afternoon, some of the faculty will probably have left... i.e. there should be some empty spots there. 

PARKING: Park as close as you can in the diagonal corner to the one where you entered (i.e. as close to Rowley as possible); as you might expect, there are a few handicap parking spots at this corner. Rowley is a bit further up the hill, at the close end of a row a science buildings. (The large "William J. Rowley Laboratories" sign, which stretches across the top of the building, is visible from this lot).

WALKING / Getting to the Classroom: Walk up the curved path at the corner nearest to Rowley. Enter the first front door, take the staircase to the second floor (OR use the elevator near the other door at the end of the entrance corridor; when you exit on the second floor walk back to the staircase end).  Once on the second floor by the staircase (and restrooms), take the short perpendicular corridor (past offices) to the back corridor. Room 244 is on the right, in the middle of the back corridor.

ACCESSIBILITY:  Drop your handicapped passenger near the door on the left, closest to the elevator; then go back to park as described above.

RESTROOMS: are in the front corridor (both floors), at the oppossite end from the elevator.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT:  Smart classroom

FURNISHINGS:  chairs / tablet style


Click on "satellite" to view the actual buildings and walk around using the "person icon." To increase the size of the google map below, click on the "+" sign. 

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