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NOTE: SLU classrooms are used only when there are SLU students or SLU faculty involved in teaching a course.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: To get to Griffiths 15, take the stairs down to the basement, turn left, Room 15 is the second door on the right (it is a large practice room). NOTE: there is a flight of stairs down into this room, but the railings are very sturdy.

PARKING: To avoid getting a ticket, park in lot J (just beyond the science buildings); lot D (no parking pass needed for lot D!) behind and on the far side of the sports complex facing the tennis courts; or in lot H - most convenient lot to park in for courses in Griffths Arts Center, however, it may be hard to find an empty spot there. Lot H is next to Vilas Hall (administration building) and across from Griffiths Arts Center. NOTE: Hang your SOAR parking pass on your review mirror so you won’t get a ticket when parking in lot H (or in lots J and D). From Lot J: go up the path with the railing to "Flint Hall" - enter and walk through the corridor to the opposite side, out the inside door, and up the stairs - you are now in the hallway between Valentine and Brown. Keep walking straight out the door on the opposite side of the hallway. Continue walking straight along that outside path, passing by the side of Brown Hall, then past Madill Hall (on the right); take the right-hand path down to the inner roadway; where you will pass by Rebert Dorm (on the right) and behind Sullivan Student Center on the left. The next building on the left is the Central Heating Plant; and on the right is Whitman Hall.  Keep going straight alongside the roadway. If it's raining you can enter the next building:( Noble Center) at the end door and keep walking "inside" to the theatre area - or you can stay outside and enter at the main entrance (facing the roadway) of Gulick Theatre.  Once in the foyer of Gulick Theatre keep walking straight to the inner glass doors that lead to the Art Museum corridor. Stay in the corridor and exit out the glass doors at the end, turning left into the Griffith's hallway that curves around to the right. Once past the offices (on the right), i.e. in the large corridor on the right, walk to the center staircase on the left. Take it (or the nearby elevator) down one floor to the basement level. Turn left: Griffiths 15 is the second door on the right. (Griffiths 123 is a large lecture concert rehearsal hall.  NOTE: there is a short flight of stairs that lead from the door down further into this room. (The railing is strong: use it!)

ACCESSIBILITY: There are many handicap spots available in lot H, there are several directly across the street from the door to Griffiths. There is an elevator just inside the entrance facing lot H.  The elevator takes you up (or down), therefore avoiding a half flight of stairs in either direction.

RESTROOMS:  There are restrooms downstairs near the stairs.

Tech and OTHER EQUIPMENT: Podium, computer, projector, sound system.

FURNISHINGS: Tiered comfortable leacture hall seating


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