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Use the website link above to the campus map to find the exact location of Schuette Hall)

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Crane A323 is a large open classroom or performance room, with a piano in it and a full tech unit in a locked closet.  It is located on the third floor of Schuette Hall, near the center of the corridor where the elevator and staircase are. Direct Route:  Park in lot #6 or #7 (Snell Music Theater lots) and walk up the left outside ramp next to Snell Music Theater. Once at the top of the ramp turn left into the first doorway (into Schuette Hall) and continue up to the next floor (via stairs or elevator). A323 is in the righthand corridor, the second room on the left. OR: you can park in the Hosmer end of lot #9 (nearest Hosmer Concert Hall). Walk up the right outside ramp. Once on the seoncd level, enter the first door on the right. Then take the staircase or the elevator to the third floor, turn right and go down to the second room on the left.  Alternative Route from lot #9. Park in lot #9 near either end of Bishop Hall. Enter one of the end doors and proceed to the center of the hall and turn into the corridor there. You'll soon come to a stairase and an elevator - keep going (take either the left or right hallway) all the way through the basement into the next building - Schuette Hall -  where you will find another staircase and elevator. Take one or the other two flights up to the third floor. Once there, turn into the right corridor and room A323 will be the second room on your left.

PARKING: Depending on how you want to get to the second floor, park in lot #6 or lot #7 in front of Snell Music Theater; OR park on the opposite side of the complex, at the end of lot #9 (nearest Hosmer Concert Hall) and use the right outside ramp; then follow the directions above. Alternative: park in lot #9 (in front of Bishop Hall) and work your way through Bishop Hall using one of the underground long passageways to Schuette. (Once in Schuette, follow instructions above..

ACCESSIBILITY: Both end doors of Bishop Hall have remote-door openers; choose the alternative route, if you want to avoid walking longer outside or if you can't walk comfortably on a slanted surface. Choose the direct route, if you can manage a long slanted walk up and down one of the outside hill ramps.

RESTROOMS:  You will pass restrooms (men's in the left corridor and women's in the right corridor) if you walk underground from Bishop to Schuette. There are also restrooms on third floor near the classroom (from the staircase/elevator men's room is further down the right corridor and ladies room is further down the left corridor - near the drinking fountains).

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: The is a fully "smart classroom"; computer, DVD and VCR players, record player, etc. - these are in a locked cabinet at the front of the room. Hook up to your laptop is near the front window. (Laptops must be logged into the SUNY Potsdam system to go online. You can connect to the room computer and overhead projector via the provided ethernet cable. The digital projector is ceiling mounted.

FURNISHINGS: tablet chairs, and table and chair at front of room.

LINK to a one-page SUNY Potsdam .pdf map pinpointing the exact Fall 2013 SOAR course locations by building and room (includes parking lot numbers)

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