Fall 2016 Luncheon

Location: SUNY: Barrington Student Union


LOCATION: Barrington Student Union Multi-Purpose Room (second floor)

11:30 (enjoy the band and displays)
buffet table opens at 12:00 noon

(announced later)

(announced later)

(announced later)

(announced later)

Coffee or Tea

PARK AND WALK from any lot that allows visitor parking, including the specific lots named below. Don’t forget to DISPLAY YOUR PARKING PASS! NOTE: classes are still in session, so your favorite lot may be full. Plan ahead!

LINK to BUILDINGS MAP: www2.potsdam.edu/campusmap/

LINK to PARKING MAP: http://www2.potsdam.edu/campusmap/#info4 

SHUTTLE PARKING PROVIDED FROM LOT 31. 11:00-2:30 to Barrington Student Union.

Park in lot 31 (where you can either walk or take the shuttle) or lot 20 (if you want to walk and can find a spot!).  (NOTE: DISPLAY YOUR PARKING PASS WHEREVER YOU PARK ON CAMPUS!!

WALKING DIRECTIONS: Both lots 31 and 20 are near Van Housen Extension (the building where the SOAR office is located). From Pierrepont Avenue, turn into campus on Gouverneur Drive, turn right onto Watertown Drive - the first enterance to lot 20 is immediately on the right, there is another farther down, and lot 31 is straight ahead after that. Take the van shuttle (from lot 31) or walk back up Watertown Drive past Van Housen Ext. and Van Housen Hall. Turn right on the walkway that leads to the side door of Barrington Student Union. Once inside, take the stairs (or nearby elevator just past the “Men’s” room on the left) to the second floor, follow the corridor left, then right to walk across the length of the open balcony (overlooking the main floor below); turn right (going to the back of the building again) and enter the largest section of the Multi-Purpose Room (its windows face out from the back of the building).

From the front entrance to Barrington Student Union, go to the second floor by taking the staircase (stay right), or the elevator (around the corner on the right, in the alcove near the door to the men’s room). Restrooms are near the elevator downstairs as well as upstairs

MUSIC before the start of the luncheon will be provided once again by the “New Horizons Band of Northern New York.” This group includes many fellow SOAR members, including band director, Ron Berry. You are invited to pick up an instrument (even if you don’t play it yet) and join them. For more info: contact Ron Berry: 315-265-2883 or email: NewHorizonsNNY@gmail.com.

HAVE TO CANCEL? NOTIFY SOAR! If you sign up for the luncheon and later find you are unable to attend, please notify the SOAR office (315-267-2690) at least one week prior to the luncheon. Otherwise, SOAR will be charged for the reservation.

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