Canine Body Language [F-22-4]

Presenter:Kris Hoffmann
Location: SLU: Valentine 103
Classes: 2 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Mon 4:00 PM 09/12, 09/19
Status: CLOSED

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Dogs are constantly telling us about themselves, but we need to use our eyes rather than our ears to listen. Is that dog friendly or fearful? Is she playing nice or being a bully? Is it safe to pet him? Through photos, diagrams, videos, models, and live dog demos, you'll learn what body cues to look for and what they mean.

Kris Hoffmann is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at SLU and an amphibian and reptile conservation biologist with a soft spot for working dogs. Her research focuses on habitat needs, behavior and amphibian community interactions. She is currently training a wildlife detector dog-and-student team to find a rare frog for conservation work.

Special Instructions: Live dogs will be present and off-leash.

Cap: 30

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