Implantable Bioelectronics [F-13-23]

Presenter:Evgeny Katz
Location: SUNY: Maxcy 104
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Mon 3:00 PM 11/04
Status: CLOSED

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By viewing a short video, you will get a general introduction to implantable electronics. We will focus then on implantable bioelectronics and discover just how far and how fast we are moving towards creating Cyborgs. Are we in the realm of science fiction or reality? Emphasis will be given to a discussion on implantable biofuel cells operating in vivo (i.e., in a living organism) which are being used for powering biomedical devices.

Evgeny Katz is the Milton Kerker Chaired Professor, Department of Chemistry & Biomolecular Science at Clarkson University. Evgeny’s research has been well received in the scientific world. In recent years he has been included on two prestigious lists of highly cited scientists: Thomson Reuters’ “Top 100 Chemists, 2000-2010” Science Watch, and Henry Schaefer’s “H-index Ranking of Living Chemists” Chemistry World.


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