Cancellation of Spring 2020 Classes

March 20, 2020

Dear SOAR member,

We are disappointed that we must cancel all SOAR activities for the rest of the Spring 2020 semester. Permit me to find a silver lining to this cloud: your Board of Directors is already at work on plans for the Fall 2020 semester. Last week the BOD approved Jim Barry’s list of 80 potential courses. Over the next few months, Ed Russell will gather details of the presenters' intentions and David Mathie with his team will negotiate a schedule of actual times and places. We look forward to your rejoining SOAR in the Fall.

The Board has a dual responsibility to serve the membership and to act as stewards for the valuable organization for which we volunteer. We have decided that there will be no refunds for those who joined in the Fall. Our sense is that SOAR classes for 11 of the 20 weeks and the use of SUNY facilities such as Maxcy are well worth the fee we have all paid. For those who joined in the Spring, we will issue refund checks for the full fee, $75.

The full membership of SOAR is responsible for electing annually Officers and Members of the BOD and for approving a budget. Usually this takes place at the Spring Luncheon, which has been cancelled. Penny Cayey and her committee are at work on nominations; Ron Frank and Rich Van Leuven are preparing the budget. The BOD is considering holding an email poll on these two necessary items of business. We will keep you informed and hope you will participate as we need a quorum.

With regret,
Mark Coleman for the SOAR BOD

Updated: 2020-03-22 17:24:26

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Cancellation of Spring 2020 Classes
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